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Our mission is to unburden driven entrepreneurs with accounting. To let our relations excel with healthy finance mindset.

– Leo Boekhoudt

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Marjolein Janson

Marjolein Janson

Financial Professional

Als financial professional weet Marjolein als geen ander de blinde vlekken in de financiën te belichten. Complexe zaken vindt ze geweldig en ze gaat er volop in om deze op te lossen. Marjolein’s jaren ervaring helpt ons bij het opstellen van jaarcijfers en jaarrekeningen. Hiernaast helpt ze onze klanten om hun financiële software beter te benutten.

Leo Boekhoudt

Leo Boekhoudt

Business Consultant

As a business consultant, Leo is of unparalleled value to his clients. Setting up financial records with a nice cash flow system is his specialty. Thus, he helps business owners calculate margins and enjoy accounting again. In addition, the way he communicates makes it nice to work with Leo.

Talisa Martina

Talisa Martina

Corporate Finance & Salary

As an interim financial manager, Talisa looks into different kitchens corporate finance. Talisa shows her expertise in the more complex tax matters. She is also an expert in payroll administration.

Juline Podirono

Juline Podirono

Bookkeeper SME

As a bookkeeper for the middle and small business clients of De Boekhoduers Boutique, Juline has a lot of patience and passion to get the numbers right. Should certain things in the accounting system not match or be unclear, Juline doesn't sit back. You've probably already received an email or phone call from her with questions to get your bookkeeping up and running again.

Jerrich Kock

Jerrich Kock

Trainee Finance & Control

Als student Finance & Control, steekt Jerrich de handen uit de mouwen voor De Boekhouders Boutique B.V.. Hij is aan het leren door zijn kennis in de praktijk toe te passen. Facturen registreren binnen e-boekhouden maar ook standaard inkomstenbelasting concept aangiftes opmaken. Jerrich weet hoe de boekhouding werkt en is deze aan het toepassen in de praktijk.

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Your neighbor can also take care of your bookkeeping. Your retired uncle who worked as a tax professional can give you tips on taxes.

We do not compete on price but on value. Look at our website! We are colorful, proactive with a lot of added value for our clients.

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