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We believe in customization for all our clients.

Depending on entrepreneurial needs and business complexity, a price calculation will be made.


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What Accounting and Software Systems do we work with?

At the Boekhouders Boutique, we work with the most well-known accounting software on the Dutch market. 

We notice that the majority of our clients work with MoneyBird or E-boekhouden. We are a recognized MoneyBird advisor and registered on the accountants' list of E-boekhouden.

In addition, we also work in Exact, MoneyMonk, Rompslomp, DigiBTW, etc. 

We can also link these systems with the payroll systems of Employees or Nmbrs (Visma). In addition, we work with payment systems such as Mollie, Stripe and PayPro. We also have experience in various cash systems such as Omnikassa, iZettle, Sumup, etc. These can of course be linked to a booking system for the treatments.

For any bookkeeping challenge, you have come to the right place!


What does "Fair Use Policy" mean?

Time is more valuable than money. That being said, we always look for the right balance to deliver value for the right rate in the right amount of time.

The Fair Use Policy means that we do not charge the customer unnecessary costs. Thus, each package has a number of hours associated with it. 

You are entitled to unlimited accounting advice in addition to bookkeeping. Here again, we will do everything we can to keep you up to date. 

If this advice takes a lot of time, we will inform you in advance and invoice you for the extra time.


Who monitors the accounting & bookkeeping?

We like it when you as a client also look at the bookkeeping. In fact, we encourage that. As an entrepreneur, you need to understand your numbers.

If you have any questions, we are happy to explain and help you think about how we can influence the figures.

Furthermore, our financial professionals also monitor and register invoices in the correct category and perform checks. If they come across something strange, we will discuss it together with the client and make corrections where necessary.


What don't we do?

At the Boekhouders Boutique, we believe we should relieve entrepreneurs of difficult accounting terms as much as possible.

We help driven entrepreneurs, but we do not take over the responsibilities of the entrepreneur.

We are entrepreneurs ourselves and we understand very well what is going on. That is why you will also understand that we cannot give away free services.

We are affiliated with Stichting Anders Den Haag to help the less fortunate with financial or accounting issues.

We believe in helping those who want to be helped. We can do no more.


Do I have to do anything myself as a client?

Yes, definitely! As a client at the Boekhouders Boutique, you need to give us access to your accounting and bookkeeping accounts.

As a client, it is important that you upload the invoices to your accounting account. 

Furthermore, we take care of the entire bookkeeping. The VAT returns are arranged and we keep you up to date with the accounts payable and accounts receivable (creditors and debtors) management.

Doing business without worries!


Do we work with subscriptions, fixed prices or price agreements?

We believe in customization for all our clients.

Depending on the business needs and the company's complexity, a price-time calculation will be made.

For the best price-quality ratio, most long-term services are offered in a subscription form.

Our quotes and prices are based on the fair use policy.

It is possible that a starting rate is charged to pay for any backlog and research work.

Everything is possible at the Boekhouders Boutique. 

We strive to do business with a smile without looking at the time.

You really have to experience this yourself.


Ik wil niet direct vastzitten aan een abonnement. Wat nu?

Are you not yet fully convinced of the added value of Boekhouders Boutique? 

But do you want insight into the blind spots of your business?

Do you want a concrete step-by-step plan to get your business up and running?

Is having the right information available for the right decision of high importance to you?

Then ask us about our Financial Quick Scan. Financial Quick Scan. 

With this product, you gain insight into the blind spots of your business. Within one hour, you will receive a step-by-step plan on how we can help you further. And if you do not accept our offer, you still have a step-by-step plan to help you with your bookkeeping.


I already have a bookkeeper and I don't want to lose him. What now?

The Boekhouders Boutique works together with other bookkeepers, accountants and tax specialists.

We are occasionally asked by financial professionals to look into the system to solve software-related problems.

A fresh look at your company, systems and figures has a positive effect and inspires confidence! 

A second opinion comes with tips and tricks. How cool is that?

Do you find this interesting?  Perhaps the Consultancy Certainty package is something for you. Click here for more information about our Consultancy Certainty package.

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