Behind every great entrepreneur

stands a strong accountant

Do you want a smoothly running business, peace of mind, and cash in the bank?!

Did you know that many business owners don't know where they stand with their accounting?

Of course, not you, you've got everything well sorted with your accountant. Do you have such a good rapport with your accountant? Or is he hard to reach? And by hard to reach, I mean hard to understand. If you're in contact at all.


At De Boekhouders Boutique, we address everyone informally sensere, as equals, because we believe in mutual respect. Honest, with respect and trust; that's what we stand for. A place where accounting has been made understandable for everyone, with all the bells and whistles. Of course, there are exceptions. For example, if you happen to be of a respectable age, we'll adjust accordingly.

Clients of De Boekhouders Boutique operate their business worry-free. This is because they receive support with accounting, financial administration, and various business-economic issues.

Furthermore, we prioritize facts and strive to keep our opinions in the background as much as possible. We will therefore analyze the facts before offering any potential advice.


Onboarding process


First step is an introduction and inventory through the financial quick scan


We verify all data in accordance with the AML TFA and store it according to the GDPR.


A quotation is prepared and communicated via email


Upon agreement, we kindly request a signed quotation back


After the initial invoice is paid, we will commence the assignment


Clients of De Boekhouders Boutique operate their business worry-free. They approach their finances with a smile and look positively towards the future. Profits and taxes are planned for and reserved in a timely manner. In other words, the profit on paper also reflects in their bank accounts.

Clients of De Boekhouders Boutique enjoy keeping their books with us.

Monthly clients

Yearly clients

About the author

Leo Boekhoudt is a business consultant and co-founder of De Boekhouders Boutique B.V. He assists entrepreneurs with their accounting, as well as helping them gain insight into their cash flow. He considers himself the bridge between finance, IT, and business, deriving energy from helping others.

Leo Boekhoudt

Leo Boekhoudt

Business Consultant | Profit advisor

"My name is Leo Boekhoudt. I live in The Hague with my wife and daughters. I love surfing, traveling, seeking adventure, riding motorcycles, and driving fast cars. As strange as it may sound, I enjoy helping entrepreneurs with their accounting. Engaging in conversation and truly getting to know the person: their desires and dreams. But also the fear and uncertainty that come with it. The passion and drive are truly my biggest inspiration to make accounting my life. I think you really have to love it."