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Do you find accounting an annoying sideshow? A waste of your time? Time that could be better spent in your business?

We make accounting fun again. We take over the complexities from you. You take care of the delivery of the documents and we process them in the accounts. In addition, you no longer have to worry about VAT returns or other fiscal matters. We take care of all this for you and your company.

Want to know more about how you are going to do business without worries?

Entrepreneurs helped

Declarations filed

Administrations under management

To the next level with healthy accounting

Business consultation

What do you need to run a successful business?

Systematic from quotation to invoicing and collection are important for business performance.

We provide advice in how you can use tools to automate your finance.

Financial administration

Taking over all your accounting worries. After onboarding, you have instant insight into your financial records.

You offer invoices digitally, we process them within the accounting system.

Easy with your mobile, PC or laptop.

Profits & Taxes

Where a lot of money is made, taxes must be planned.

Good and disciplined cash flow management is essential for business.

With a proven formula, your money is going to pay off.

From ZZP to B.V.

Do you pay a lot of taxes?
More than 100K in profits?
Do you employ 1 or more employees?
Do you no longer want to be 100 percent privately liable?

Then transfer to B.V. and become a Director Major Shareholder.

Our industries

We provide various services for entrepreneurs from various industries.  With our team equipped with diverse expertise, we can offer (almost) all services.

  • Webshops & trade entrepreneurs
  • Hair salon & Beauty studios
  • Professional service providers
  • Driving School & Taxi
  • Hospitality & cleaning

What our customers say

Bookkeepers Boutique's clients do business without worry. This was different before. Because we understand how difficult it is to find a good click with the right professional, we are very grateful to our clients for their trust. 

As a startup Marketing Expert who helps (young) companies with proposition testing, (digital) advertising and marketing strategy, I don't have the time and or inclination to do accounting.

I am very happy with my cooperation with Leo from the Bookkeepers Boutique. If I don't understand something accounting related, he definitely gets it and takes the time to explain it. His tips are also very informative and valuable.


I would recommend any entrepreneur who has another core business to outsource finances.
Bas Sanderink

Leo has been my accountant since 2011. I started as a part-time freelancer, then switched to full-time and now I have my own company.

Leo has also been an advisor on my businesses and entrepreneurship over the years. He thinks out of the box and we brainstorm different business models. His biggest priority is how my businesses will benefit me the most financially. He is always candid and honest in his advice, which helps me be more successful.

Leo always rises to the challenge and learns through the process and by digging into the case and doing research.

He is your financial go-to man. Highly recommended!"

Rose Heinze

I have been freelancing for a while but since following the tips and tricks from De Boekhouders Boutique, I experience more freedom in my work. By applying the cash flow system properly, I really get to choose my own clients now. Furthermore, I only have to take care of delivering invoices and the bookkeeping is taken care of.

A five-star professional support!"

Sebastiaan van Hamond

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